For more than 25 years
we have been transforming ordinary companies into global businesses.

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Our story

Transforming ordinary companies into global businesses has always been our biggest goal.

Founded in 1995, Francisco Freitas Group is one of the largest consultants in the international market and business management in Brazil. These 25 years, we have helped to make companies recognized worldwide and to gain markets hitherto unknown. And we still work for small companies, to make them global.

We advise and mentor more than 200 companies, small, medium, and large across the country.
We have a high-performance relationship network to make our clients' companies competitive, relevant, and ahead of their market.

Our CEO, Francisco Freitas, has already worked as a consultant at Sebrae / SP and has lived abroad for more than 10 years in countries such as Australia, China, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Angola, and South Africa.

BandNews TV

TV Success Entrepreneurs Program

FFG - Grupo Francisco Freitas, was chosen by BandNews' Successful Entrepreneurs program, the largest entrepreneurship program in Latin America, as one of the largest consultancies in the international market and in business management in Brazil.

We invite you to watch the CEO and founder of FFG - Grupo Francisco Freitas, Francisco Freitas, on the Entrepreneurs of Success program, giving tips on the international market. The Entrepreneurs of Success program is applied during the programming on the channels BandNews TV Nacional, BandNews TV Internacional, Band Sports, Canal Arte 1, Smithsonian Channel, TV Terra Viva, Agro + and LIVE 24h at

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Our services

What we can do for your company

International market

International Market

Business Internationalization
(Import and Export)


Elaboration and
management of contracts

Development of Strategic Partnerships

Market Research and International Market Analysis

Management of

  • Business Restructuring;
  • Financial and Accounting Auditing;
  • Tax Planning;
  • Fund-raising;
  • Mergers and Incorporations;
  • Asset Sales and Acquisitions;
  • Due Diligence development;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Strategic Business Planning;
  • Organization of Internal Processes and Creation of Manuals;
  • Franchising Development (Franchises);

Create your Fintech Digital in one place

Build your financial services without having to hire a number of providers. Our APIs allow our clients to develop the most varied financial services.

  • Relationship (You know your customer and their buying behavior)
  • Loyalty (Offers special products)
  • New Businesses (Revenues where only costs and services to existing customers came from before)
  • Prepayment of Receivables to Suppliers (You know your supplier)

An exclusive service and distribution program for financial products and services

aimed at small and medium entrepreneurs

conexao c6

Our offices have professionals specialized in financial services and business consulting, fully dedicated to assisting in the day-to-day financial management of your company.

Without goals or between the lines, our partners are always focused on offering cost reduction and reduction of bureaucracy – Our differential is the service.

> Export Financing
> Credit portability (lengthening of terms, decreasing rates)
> Credit portability (lengthening of terms, lowering rates)
> Structuring national and international credit.
> Working capital
> Credit recovery
> Acquisition
> Credits for M&A
> Development operations
> Discount/anticipation of duplicates
>Prepayment of receivables

In a bank without branches, it is necessary to provide entrepreneurs with a differentiated and personalized service. Our consultants support business management and offer structured products, such as: checking accounts, small machines, credit and exchange solutions.

We are entrepreneurs who understand companies

Need a Consultancy!

If you want to differentiate yourself as a professional in this increasingly globalized job market, and if your company wants to increase sales, through its repositioning in the national and international market, we can help you.

Strategic Alliances

Prove our expertise with our partners

  • Capital UpGrade;
  • B.A.M&A Corporate Finance
  • Fernandez&Fiuza
  • Mobsite
  • Mercosul Câmara de Comércio

Francisco Freitas

CEO of Francisco Freitas Group

International Consultant Francisco Freitas, CEO of Francisco Freitas Group, partner in strategic alliances with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Mercosul and the Americas! The Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Mercosul and the Americas, founded in 1991, is a civil entity, under private law, officially recognized by the member countries. Advises entrepreneurs who wish to undertake in the national and / or international market. Get to know our work by watching the institutional video by clicking on the link.

It also develops different actions to assist companies in the export and import process. In addition to the international offices located in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Costa Rica, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Dubai, China and Venezuela, the office in Brazil is located in São Paulo. The Chamber of Mercosul works to assist Brazilian companies in opening international markets, not only in Mercosul, but throughout the world. The four pillars of the Chamber are: Foreign Trade, Commercial Promotion, Commercial Intelligence and International Negotiations. The Mercosul and Americas Chamber of Commerce has the mission of promoting business throughout Mercosul and Latin America, where it has a strong relationship network with various government entities, class associations and businessmen. 

francisco freitas


Brazilian Association of Sciences, Arts,
History and Literature.

Recognition of Services Provided.

This award aims to honor personalities, authorities and institutions that have worked, in a way that exceeds the natural expectation for the sociocultural, scientific, artistic and historical development of Brazil.

Event at ALESP - Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo.

Be you too, a member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Mercosur and the Americas

Watch the video by clicking on the link below:

Our clients

We carry out more than 200 consultancies for companies of all sizes and
segments. Meet some of our clients.

  • Mezzani
  • Dayun
  • Ideal Atacadista
  • Associação Empresários de Gangzhou – China
  • Kypséli Data Experience – Portugal
  • Reata Citrus
  • Ultra Mix Açai
  • Jel Plast
  • GO BOX

Transform your business in a global business.

Francisco Freitas, for more than 25 years, transforming ordinary companies into global businesses.

  [email protected]
 Offices in Campinas / SP and São Paulo / SP
Worldwide presence in several countries

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